Have you ever wondered why insurance providers ask for a copy of your pre-inspection agreement when you make or renew your first purchase? This is because insurance companies make your contract an official policy document. Therefore, you will need to update the insurance company if you change your agreement so that they can revise your policy. 10. Payment of the fee to the INSPECTOR is due at the end of the on-site inspection. The inspection report shall not be published without full payment of the inspection fees. The CLIENT undertakes to bear all legal and time costs incurred for the recovery of payments due, including attorneys` fees. If the CLIENT is a corporation, LLC or similar legal entity, the person signing this Agreement on behalf of that legal entity personally guarantees payment of the fees by the legal entity. The CLIENT acknowledges that travel expenses of $50.00 may be charged if the INSPECTOR goes to the inspection address and is unable to inspect the property due to circumstances beyond the INSPECTOR`s control. The CLIENT agrees to the following with respect to the “200% warranty”: the CLIENT does not have to pay the basic inspection fee if it informs the inspector that it is not satisfied at the inspection site, and the INSPECTOR pays for another NACHI certified building inspector to re-inspect the site. All other expenses are still due, including travel expenses of $50.00. The CUSTOMER is not entitled to this guarantee after the inspector has left the inspection body. The CUSTOMER is not entitled to this guarantee if he does not physically participate in the inspection.

The customer will not receive the inspection report if he does not pay for it. The INSPECTOR selects the inspector who re-inspects the site. 1. INSPECTOR undertakes to carry out a visual inspection of the house/building and to provide the CLIENT with a written inspection report identifying the defects that INSPECTOR has both observed and considered essential. The INSPECTOR may make comments as a courtesy, but these comments do not include the negotiated report. The report is only a complement to the seller`s disclosure. If a “water quality test” is to be performed, the customer acknowledges that it may take up to 10 business days for the results to be available. According to Clayton Somers of A Premier Home Inspection, LLC, Virginia, there are three main reasons why home inspectors must get inspection contracts signed before each inspection: A statute of limitations prevents customers from coming back with complaints against home inspectors long after their inspection. In addition, a severability clause protects the contract if a court annuls part of it. A home inspection is performed by a home inspector following the sale of a home.

This inspection is an assessment of the current condition of a home. Building inspectors are professionally trained to identify problems and risks with a home and can suggest recommendations based on the inspection. A pre-inspection agreement allows you to define the exact conditions of your inspection and helps you isolate yourself. EliteMGA requires that you always have a signed pre-inspection agreement before starting an inspection. An essential part of the home inspection process is a pre-inspection agreement. A pre-inspection agreement should be signed by clients before a building inspector conducts an inspection. A pre-inspection agreement sets clear expectations and protects the home inspector from future claims and disputes. Key elements of pre-inspection agreements are included in the contract.

For added safety, EliteMGA provides building inspectors with error and omission insurance that protects them from lawsuits or claims based on omissions or errors during an inspection. A lawyer will make suggestions for the agreement and ensure that the agreement covers the home inspector in the event of a claim or dispute. The pre-inspection agreement is the building inspector`s first line of defense when problems arise. This AGREEMENT applies to the inspection services to be held on January 21, 2014 by and between United Home Inspections [NS Enterprises, LLC] (hereinafter “INSPECTOR”) and John & Mary Buyer (hereinafter “CUSTOMER”), collectively referred to herein as “The Parties”. The parties understand and voluntarily agree that: 11. If the CUSTOMER requests a new inspection, the re-inspection is also subject to all the conditions set out in this Agreement. The standard re-inspection fee is $125.00 per visit. The customer agrees that all reinspection fees will be due prior to the publication of any reinspection document. The reinspection costs will be invoiced to the CLIENT, unless both parties agree otherwise in writing. In addition, when confronted with allegations, claims experts often use signed pre-inspection agreements as the building inspector`s first line of defense. To do this, they emphasize the limits of liability and scope of the audit described therein.

Often, adjusters can dismiss frivolous allegations against a home inspector using the inspector`s pre-inspection contract – similar to what the Moreno Court v. Sanchez of California rejected. According to court documents from Moreno v. Sanchez, when the buyers arrived at the home inspection, they didn`t want to sign the pre-inspection agreement. In fact, they asked the inspector to remove the limitation clause from the agreement. Imagine how different the situation would have been if the inspector had rejected the clause or, worse, the entire contract. 5. INSPECTOR does not perform any technical, architectural, sanitary or other function in the jurisdiction where the inspection takes place that requires a professional license, unless the inspector has a valid professional license, in which case he/she may inform the CLIENT that he/she holds such a license and is therefore qualified to go beyond this basic inspection of the house. and, for an additional fee, perform higher additional inspections than those performed as part of the basic home inspection.

Any agreement on these additional inspections must be concluded in writing. There are many examples of online pre-inspection agreements. However, these should only be used as references. It is important to review the state code and have the pre-inspection agreement reviewed by a lawyer. Providing the address of the inspection property is your first step in identifying inspection rooms. By describing the systems and components that your inspection includes and excludes, you set customer expectations and limit your liability. EliteMGA provides inspection contract reviews for policyholders under the InterNACHI program and we give them new contracts when we cannot repair their existing contract. The address of the property is 123 Fake St. Anytown, IN 00000.

The costs for this inspection are as follows: in Moreno v. Sanchez, even if the statute of limitations had not been invoked in court, the agreement would have offered an additional defense. According to court documents, the contract stipulated that the inspection of the house was limited to a visual inspection” and that “soil conditions and asbestos were excluded or not, whether hidden or not.” Decisions of the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO Agreement prior to shipment are binding on the preshipment control company and the exporter concerned. 9. Your inspector may have a relationship with a third-party provider (“TPSP”) to provide you with additional value-added services. By entering into this Agreement, you authorize (a) your inspector to provide your contact information (including telephone number) to the TPSP, (b) waive and resolve any restrictions that may prevent the TPSP from contacting you (including by telephone), and (c) authorize the TPSP to contact you (including by telephone) regarding special offers for home alarm systems. Note that many home inspection insurance policies do not cover free inspection services. However, most policies don`t dictate how much a home inspector should charge as long as the customer pays for something. Inspectors must have their agreements signed 100% of the time before the inspection. .